Thursday, June 19, 2008

How NOT to turn off your readers...

Being subscribed to nearly a dozen internet marketers newsletters gives me the opportunity to see a number of headlines and subject lines, all trying to capture my attention to read their newsletter.

Unfortunately, nowadays, most of them turn me off rather than induce me to read further. Here are some examples of Subject lines I've recently recieved:

    "I'm sooo sorry, (does this guilty gift cut it?)"
    "Are You Real?"
    "did you miss the best Underground ever?"
    "How to build a customer service system that doesn't suck your time"
    "Whats the #1 principle for making money online?"
    "Testimonial is harsh"
    "What was I thinking? sorry!"

You get the picture? I'm sure, because we're all unique individuals, one headline/subject line might appeal more than another to you than to me. But give me a break. This list of attention getting subject lines is pathetic. For me, only 2 are appealing:

1. "Whats the #1 principle for making money online?"
2. "How to build a customer service system that doesn't suck your time"

#1 is straight to the point and by asking a question, it naturally draws me into the newsletter, provided I'm interested in making money online (I am). #2 is good because it tells me how to do something, provided I'm intersted in building a customer service system. For me the down side of the line is it's vague in saying "customer service system". What is that? A system of providing customer service? The other downer is the use of the word suck. Suck is a crass word, I try not to use it as it brings to mind vulgar thoughts. I know today's society is permissive and vulgar and some people don't care.

If you're going to build a list and communicate with people by email, it's a must to develop good copywriting skills. How you do that should basically be developing your own style. I like what Jeffry Gitomer says, "I write like I talk". So I've taken Jeff's advice and try to write conversationally, to write like we were conversing with each other.

Now that doesn't mean that I copy Gitomers phrases and favorite words. No, I just write like a I talk and use my favorites. Which brings me to another point you should try to avoid like a computer virus. Don't be a cookie cutter. Words like "SHOCKING" and "AMAZING" are out of vogue, well, maybe not to a newbie that just got off the bus last week. Be creative, think about your headlines and invest some quality time in choosing words that will get the attention of the reader and draw them into your newsletter.

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