Saturday, October 13, 2007

Now here's a Presidential candidate I could vote for....

Who is Representative (R-TX) Ron Paul?

He just might be the answer so many Americans are looking for. He is for bringing our troops home from well as Korea, Japan and Europe. Paul is passionate about changing our foreign policy - quit being the world policeman.
"Our military is run down. We've spent a half a trillion dollars. We've lost all these men and women. We've had 40,000 serious casualties.And all we can do is dig in our heels and say, "Well, we can't leave because there will be chaos." We've created chaos. The longer we stay the more chaos and the more expenses we're going to have."
"'s going to get worse if we don't change our policies."
"The CIA is what gets us into trouble. I mean, the CIA is what really started things in the Middle East, because the CIA went in and overthrew Mosaddeq in 1953. We put in the shah."
Ron Paul has viable solutions to other major issues facing America: Abortion, Big Government spending, Social Security and more. Read more of Judy Woodruff's interview with Rep. Ron Paul.